Park City Baptist Parsonage

UPDATE ~ 4/16/22:

A lot has happened since the last update, so I will give the main highlights. Funding has proven to be a challenge but by God’s grace and at His direction, our church has decided to seek support from other churches we share fellowship with in order to raise the funds that we need to accomplish building our parsonage. I am in the process of trying to schedule meetings with these churches to present our burden and calling for Park City. 

Meanwhile, we are in the process of navigating the logistics of this project and hope to have plans finalized within the next week. We are also navigating the process of obtaining all the needed utilities on the property. This includes all the water rights needed, septic, electrical, etc. We are also looking at a shipping container that we might be able to use for building materials now and church storage later. We have been using this week mostly to prepare for Resurrection Sunday, but hope to be back at it full swing again on Monday. Please continue to pray for my family, our church, and the ministry to the lost souls of Park City. 



As it happens, Pastor Sam and his family will be in need of a place to live this coming fall. The Lord has directed the church to set aside a portion of the property to be allocated for a parsonage. The church has the land and the Lord thus far has been providing the other resources necessary to build. Inquiry is being made as to a loan, materials are being priced, and many have come forward offering their assistance in any way possible. 

There will be updates posted here as things progress:

Jan. 23, 2022 — Basic digital 3D model/concept 

Park City Baptist Church Property

For a number of years, Park City Baptist has owned a piece of property in one of Park City’s many suburbs, Silver Creek. The Lord blessed the church with the property and while there were plans to build on the land, these endeavors never came to fruition.

The Lord has been moving in the hearts of our people and we believe it is high time to build and grow. We began last year, in August, holding an old fashioned tent revival with brother Paul Schwanke. The Lord blessed and His people were encouraged! We have been seeking God’s direction and praying about how best to use the church property going forward and we are excited about what God is doing.